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Has Thyroid Disease diminished your
Quality of Life?

Do you miss the old you? Don’t recognize yourself in the mirror anymore?

It’s been so long since you felt like your old self. You’re not sure whether it’s your thyroid or just age catching up to you. Let me tell you, it’s probably your thyroid if you have Hashimoto’s disease or hypothyroidism.

The symptoms of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis are so far reaching that it can get misdiagnosed or undiagnosed altogether. Sometimes, anti-depressants are thrown at it. Most of the time, you’re told a wait and see approach is best. It’s not. 

Symptoms like unexplained weight gain, digestive upset, skin allergies and rashes, thinning hair, dry eyes, joint pain, extreme fatigue, adrenal burnout, brain fog, infertility, miscarriage, anxiousness, social paranoia and even gum disease have all been attributed to autoimmune thyroid disease. What can you do about it?

This Is Where You Start

online sessions for Hashimoto's disease

Online Sessions with me, Ro, a Certified Integrative Health Coach who knows exactly what you're going through. I've put multiple autoimmune diseases, including Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, into remission.

I'll do a Health History analysis with you and we'll set up weekly sessions to start your healing journey. The sessions are paced in manageable steps and digestible formats.

I offer you structure, support and accountability within the framework of my customized program for your needs and body.

This Is What You'll Get

Included in Your Sessions:

online sessions for Hashimoto's Disease

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