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Audio only Zoom group sessions of 5 to 7 people and me (Ro, the moderator, a Certified Integrative Health Coach) focused on common thyroid issues and solutions. The power of group conversation is not only cathartic and comforting but can provide answers to the problems you’ve been searching for.

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Fast and easy

You’ll fill out a Health History form so that I can create small cohesive groups that identify with similar issues. An invoice will be sent via Paypal from Integrative Thyroid and you’ll receive a link to connect to the workshops for your chosen dates and times. Desktop, tablet or mobile are all compatible.

Comfort and Privacy

Sit anonymously from anywhere in the world while you listen to and speak with others going through the same thing you are. Video will be turned off and everyone will be on a first name basis only. A few group rules need to be observed by everyone. They include courteous conversation and allowing everyone a chance to speak.

Relevant Topics

Topics cover meaningful issues for you. We will discuss things like the role of supplements, common issues with endocrinologists and Hashimoto’s disease, relevant lab tests for your thyroid apart from TSH, dietary protocols that have made significant impacts, insulin resistance and thyroid disease, etc. I take suggestions on topics too that want to be discussed.

Ro Dapporto

More About Your Moderator

Hello, I'm Ro. In 2016, I was officially diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease that attacks and destroys your thyroid tissue. I had been experiencing symptoms for years and went to multiple doctors and specialists but found no answers. In that time, I suffered from other autoimmune issues like alopecia arreata, arthritis and eczema. I also had shingles, something only immunocompromised people get. Finally, after receiving the diagnosis 'by accident' after a trip to my gynecologist, I embarked on two years of intense research into thyroid autoimmune disease and overall health. In 2018, I started the AutoImmune Protocol along with high quality supplements and lifestyle changes including stress management. My Hashimoto's when into remission and I felt better than ever. That same year, I finally got pregnant after eighteen months of "unexplained" fertility issues.

I hold a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University and am a Certified Integrative Health Coach specializing in thyroid health.


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There's No Better Time Than Now

During these challenging times, I want to help you stay relaxed, calm, and focused but also empowered about your health. Along with online thyroid group sessions, you’ll receive information and resources based on our calls so that you can maintain your newfound wellness and freedom. If you would like a more personalized approach, individual sessions are available.

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