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Thyroid Gut is a groundbreaking online integrative health course using food, vitamins and nutrients, lifestyle and holistic healing principles designed specifically for women with thyroid disease who want to get their life back

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Optimize Thyroid Function

Reduce Inflammation

Balance Hormones

Gently Detox the Liver

Your Gut
And Your Thyroid
Are Connected

Optimal thyroid function can only be achieved when we have a balanced gut microbiome. The gastrointestinal tract is responsible for a significant amount of conversion from inactive thyroid hormone to its active and usable form in the body. Thyroid Gut is a 10 week comprehensive online course specifically designed for women with thyroid disease who want to improve their gut health and find symptom relief from thyroid issues

Thyroid Gut Gives You the Tools to finally say goodbye to bloating, puffiness, hot flashes, unexplained weight gain, restless sleep and so much more

What You'll Get

Three Phased Approach

A well thought out and easy to follow course with video, audio, transcript and download files (all available for one year) that tackles thyroid, liver and gut health in strategic steps

Sample Meal Plans, Schedules, Shopping Lists and Recipes

Three full weeks of delicious and quick recipes, developed for each phase, that help to reduce inflammation, balance blood sugar and hormones

Step by Step Printable Weekly Calendars

There's nothing to write down and you won't forget a thing. Everything is clearly laid out for you

Practical Information

Guides on how to navigate endless choices of supplements, track symptoms, how to minimize your everyday toxic burden, which pantry items are best kept in your kitchen during the elimination phase and so much more

Integrative Tools

Weekly exercises and activity sheets that help you accomplish your health goals by taking into account past and present while bringing awareness

Personalized Approach

Women with thyroid disease have been ignored for too long. Our symptoms are real. The course was developed by me, someone who suffered through Hashimoto's Disease and hypothyroidism for years before putting it into remission naturally

Questions about Thyroid Gut, the online course for getting your life and energy back

You’ll receive your login credentials for the course which can be used to start right away. The course is built into this website so there are no 3rd party platforms or spam to deal with. Just head to the course page here where you should already be logged in or where it will prompt you to log in with the credentials you created on the checkout page.

The course is structured as a 10 weeks course, consisting of an Introductory section and three phases: Thyroid Help, Liver Assistance and Gut Health

The cost of supplements are not included in the price of this course. The supplements mentioned in the course are included for informational purposes only. I share which brands I personally used on my healing journey and why. It is not prescriptive in any way

At the moment, Thyroid Gut is only offered in English. Please send me a message at if you would like the course offered in a specific language

No, it is not. Thyroid Gut is not a substitute for medical advice. Please speak with your doctor or healthcare provider before embarking on any new dietary or supplement regimes

The course explains which foods can have an inflammatory effect on the body and does encourage a style of eating consisting of a diverse array of plant foods, healthy fats and quality protein. Sample meal plans and recipes are provided but are not prescriptive

Become Empowered,
Take Back Your Health

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